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Anonymous asked: Is the fanfic getting updated? I thought it wouldn't take as long as last time :(

I know dearie! Im super sorry! With only one writer now the schedule should be a bit more strict. I promise to start this evening :)xxHopey

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Anonymous asked: when will the next chapter be up? ive been looking forward to reading it but every time i check it isnt there...

I know! im sorry kitty kat :( Rachel never got around to the chapter, Ill work on it tonight! xxHopey

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So….I’ve got some bad news kitties. Rachel will no longer be writing with me for Another World. She is really super busy and just doesn’t have time!

Ill start the chapter as soon as I finish this vocab. Im really sorry it took so long to tell you guys that, I found out yesterday. I love you all and look forward to finishing Another World!


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